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Велошлем Carbon синий (под заказ)

699 грн.

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Описание товара

  • Фирменный новый, легкий, защитный шлем.
  • Подходит для взрослых и подростков.
  • Предназначен для велосипеда, скейта и роликов.
  • Тонкая настройка и подгонка под конкретный размер.
  • Этот гоночный шлем будет комфортным в любую погоду.
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 Комплект поставки:
1 x Велосипедный взрослый шлем
1 x Козырке от солнца

    The hot new multi-sport helmet features an adjustable rotary internal regulator, for a flexible use and nice look. Smart vents help you keep a cool head on the road. It also offers protection from wind, rain, dust and other possible hurts for riders. Protective multi-sport design and rubberized coating make you fashionable and cool. Easy to adjust webbing is for a comfortable fit. To be cool for your daily riding!

Product Specifications:

  • Perfect for on/off road
  • Well-ventilated and comfortable
  • When you racing outside, climbing the mountain, this bicycle helmet is your first choice
  • Look the exquisite workmanship, this cheap helmet got good durability
  • This racing helmet is comfortable in any weather
  • This Helmet with a brim which looks special
  • The strape is adjustable to most fit you
  • Stay safe while cycling with the bike helmet
  • Rear Vents for enhanced airflow
  • Helps you stay cooler in the summer
  • Color: White
  • Head Circumference: 56- 62 cm
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Weight: 275G/9.70oz